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What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is a hyper state of awareness. 

We experience hypnosis throughout our day. When we wake up in the morning, it takes us a few minutes to be fully awake and functioning. That's because we are in a state of hypnosis. When you watch a movie at the movie theatre and you immerse yourself in what is happening on the silver screen, laughing if it's funny or crying if it's sad or even scared because it frightens you, you are in a state of hypnosis. Or when you are driving and arrive at the destination not remembering how you got there... You were in hypnosis.


When in hypnosis, time distortion can take place. It may manifest as either expansion or contraction. Twenty minutes may seem as short as five or as long as an hour. Day dreaming or being forgetful or loosing track of time... this is another trance or hypnotic state. Then, right before you go to bed, about thirty minutes before you drift to the land of dreams, you are in hypnosis.


In the hypnotic state, we become suggestible. Although we are hyper aware and able to function, we are susceptible to our environment. Suggestibility is how we learn. So if you are exposed to uncontrolled situations, you become overly receptive to negative inputs. 



Hypnotherapy is a controlled environment where you are put in hypnosis and given positive suggestions to replace the negative that are already installed in your subconscious mind.


In this process, you can release stress, get rid of anxiety, replace old habits that were detrimental to your health and have new ones that will contribute to your greater self. You can enhance your memory, performance and creativity. You can be in control of the fears and phobias that were controlling you, heal old trauma and come to peace with events that occurred in the past, improving your current relationships and build your confidence and self esteem. Or even getting relief from pain you have been living with for way too long. 



The hypnosis itself is not relaxation. Relaxation is a side effect of hypnosis.


We experience this relaxed calmness as a result of entering this trance, hypnotic state. When you bring attention to your breathing, the sensations of your body, the stillness of the moment, the voice of your hypnotherapist and you allow yourself to experience changes within your body. You expand your energy field, you get more clear on your awareness, your knowing and you gain control of your body, your emotions and your feelings. It also changes your perspectives and how you interact with your environment.


In a relaxed body and a calm mind, you have more choices available to you as you are able to reflect objectively on your problems, discomforts or issues. You are in control. 



certificate - Hypnosis and Pain Manageme
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