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About Me

What else is possible?

What comes to mind when someone asks you about yourself? "How would you describe yourself?" Well... Through my eyes, I see kindness, caring, honoring, allowance, trust, magnificence and possibilities. I am a seeker, a dreamer, a creator. I Be. To the best of my abilities and capacities. I follow my awareness and seek greater consciousness. How is that? 


I have studied many modalities throughout my explorative life. I experimented with homeopathic, herbal, nutrition, massages, crystals, frequency healing, energy, body processes and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I gathered a plethora of knowledge that I find useful in my practice. I am pragmatic, I like to use the experience and knowledge I have gathered to trigger and create more ease in my life, within my body and in others.

Since 2012 I have been studying with Access Consciousness. Most of my practice is based on the Access Consciousness Tools, Body Processes and way of life which is living in the question, acknowledging your knowing and empowering others to know what they know. I started my Hypnotherapy studies at HMI College in January of 2018 and I use all these tools in my sessions which creates a dynamic approach to issues. I find that using the mind to our advantage instead of against us and connecting with our body can be a very powerful experience.


I have learned so much from Dr. Dain Heer, Gary Douglas and the HMI College and I still am every day. I have learned that choices are infinite. That the choices I made ten second ago, if I am not happy with it, I can change it. I have learned that I can change anything I desire. I am being in control of everything I choose. I create my own reality. I have learned that judgements are limitations and that we impose those limitations upon ourselves with them. I have learned that with an interesting point of view, you open the doors to infinite possibilities and total awareness. I have learned that the Universe has my back and that I have my own back. I have learned to trust myself fully and totally. I have learned to love, care and be kind to myself and my body, who I be... the good, the bad and the ugly. I have learned to be grateful for it all. I have learned to BE... Like really BE...And that... Just that... It is a gift greater than I could have ever imagined.


I keep learning each and every day and I further my education to deliver the best of what each individual requires. We are all different with different needs and I am making this my mission to contribute to as many people as I can. There is no end to what else is possible. And with that, I invite you to participate in your own life. To contribute to your future. I invite you to create the life and living you know is possible with this world and the life we choose on this beautiful planet. I invite you to choose YOU. To BE YOU. To Love YOU, and what else is possible?

I wonder what would show up if you asked the universe to show you trust, allowance, gratitude, honor and vulnerability?

How do I get to be more of what I have to offer?

How can this world be greater than it was yesterday?

How can I be greater than I was yesterday?

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Access Consciousness Bars

  • Access Consciousness Body Processes

  • Access Consciousness SOP 

  • Energetic Healing

  • Gerson Therapy

  • Homeopathic, Herbal, Crystals, Essential Oils

  • My Knowing, Your Knowing and What Else Is Possible?

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