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A letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,

In 2019, I would like...

Think about it, what would you ask the Universe for?

Would you like to triple exceed your income from your expenses?

Would you like to stop being afraid of money?

Be willing to have a gargantuous amount of money in your bank account?

Would you like to find a place that accommodates the lifestyle you're spear heading towards?

To meet the people and find the resources that will generate what you are asking for?

Would you like more ease with receiving what others and the Universe have to offer?

Would you like your businesses that grew in 2018 to take on a life of their own and exceed your wildest imagination in 2019?

Would you like to eliminate all of your limitations and turn them into possibilities?

Would you like to be more of what you have to offer?

Those are some of the demands you can ask the Universe to show you, to gift you, to create with you, for you and for the world around you in 2019. That all of your actions will repercussion and touch each and everyone that is willing to have it and create it with you.

In 2018, most of my demands were exceeded. A few are still in the making. By using the tools of Access Consciousness, and my asking to the Universe, I reached targets that I could only dream of. Now You can too...

What if you could ask the Universe for everything you desire? What if by doing so, the Universe provides for you?

People make resolutions for the new year and most of those resolutions are forgotten, put aside to later and you find yourself having so many excuses not to keep up with them... What if instead of setting up goals, you would ask for what you'd like to see actualized this year?

How much fun can we have creating our new year along with the Universe?

For more ease and clarity with your demands, or maybe to make space for your own asking to show up, get your Bars run! Book a session now...

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