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What's right about your life that you are not acknowledging?

We tend to look at what's wrong. We do so, so dynamically that it consumes us and keeps us from seeing the things that makes the happy fabric of our lives. At times, it becomes so intense that we can't even see the other side at all. We put so much value and attention on what we perceive as wrong that we perpetrate it and project it upon others.

What if you had tools to change that, or the very least, make it easier on you and your body?

I am not talking about positive thinking and negative blah blah that never really works. Polarities like good or bad, right or wrong keeps you away from being aware and keeps you in perpetual judgement. Although it helps and it's not a bad idea to think positive and look at the brighter side, having awareness of how things really are is more useful.

What I am talking about here are pragmatic ways to go about.

Asking questions to change the energy that is stuck. Asking questions to see the possibilities beyond the limitations you currently find yourself in.

There is that concept I live by. A lifestyle if you will. That lifestyle is living as the question, not as the answer.

Cause really, answering is not my job.

What my job is, is asking and choosing...

Asking for what I would like. Answering to my demands is the Universe's job.

Asking for a different reality. Showing me the different possibilities is the Universe's job.

Asking for change. Providing me with infinite choices is the Universe's job.

What I have to do from there is; being aware, making the choices, taking action and creating a reality that works for me.

So how do I go about and do that?

Every time I find myself in a pickle or have a stagnant situation on my hands I ask...

What is this?

What do I do with it?

Can I change it?

If so, How do I change it?

What is really possible here?

What question can I ask here?

What choices do I have now?

What contribution can I be and receive?

What else is possible?

What am I not considering here, that if I would consider it, would create greater possibilities?

Those questions start to open the doors to what else is possible. It brings awareness to the possibilities I might not have considered before. Me, asking the questions, changes the quantum entanglement and activates the molecules of change for the possibilities of a different future I can choose.

I ask, wait, and become aware to see the different possibilities. Then I choose, take action and create what is required. It's amazing how it works. All of a sudden, I know what to do. I know what to say and know where to go.

It might not show up right away. It might show up the day after, the week following or even a year from now. The Universe conspires to offer me everything I desire. It aligns a few things together to deliver my demands in ways I could have never imagined before. It almost never looks the way I imagined it to be either.

And once it shows up, I have to acknowledge it. Be grateful... By being grateful, I accelerate the process and my willingness to receive more. How does it get any better than that?!

Would living as the question be of contribution to your life?

What else is possible for you now?

What's right about you that you are not acknowledging?

Oh and... If the chatter in your head is driving you nuts, get your Bars run. Your level of awareness might increase and your capacities to make choices might become clearer... But who wants clear choice? It's better to be confused all the time, isn't it? ;)

You can book a Bars session with me from my website or go to to find a Bars practitioner near you.

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