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Navigating Life: A Dance of Light and Heavy Choices

In the grand tapestry of existence, we are both the architects and artists of our lives.

Every decision, every step we take, can be seen through the lens of 'light or heavy. It's a tool of discernment, guiding us toward our own knowing. What if you were to consistently opt for what feels light in your life? The sensations of lightness and heaviness are forms of awareness. This tool, which I learned from Access Consciousness and fondly call 'my sunny path,' has been my lifelong companion.

When you ask the question, 'Does this feel light or heavy?' your awareness of the impact it will have on your life becomes clear. You can sense the excitement and freedom that lightness brings to your choices, as well as the burden and stagnation associated with heaviness.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you thought, 'I knew I shouldn't have chosen this!'? Right there, that's your awareness speaking. You know. What if you had a tool to guide you in your everyday life? Tool that enhance your awareness, empowering you to make conscious choices.

Imagine your life as a series of choices, each carrying its unique weight—some light as feathers, others heavy as stones.

Embracing the Light: Conscious Choices for Conscious Living

  • Feel the Lightness: Imagine making choices that feel as light as air. These are the decisions that resonate deep within, aligning with your core being. It's picking the restaurant because your heart leaps at the idea, not merely succumbing to others' suggestions. It's recognizing the joy in setting aside funds for a personal adventure, even amidst financial responsibilities.

  • Cultivating Awareness: The lightness of your choices is intimately tied to your self-awareness. When you're in tune with your knowing and desires, choices become effortless. Awareness acts as the compass, guiding you toward the experiences that truly matter and that brings better, greater and more to your life.

  • Awareness: Awareness is your personal guide through life's densest fog, illuminating your path with clarity. It transforms doubts into knowing and cultivates adventures that bring joy, wealth, and surprising possibilities. It acknowledges your truth and perception.

Navigating the Heavy: Recognizing the Weight of Awareness

  • Feel the Heaviness: Picture choices laden with heaviness, burdened by expectations or societal pressures. It's the obligation to please others, letting friends choose your meal, or drowning in a sea of unending tasks, relegating your dreams to mere fantasies. Heavy is when you are not choosing for yourself. Heavy is when you are choosing against your knowing.

  • Honoring You: Recognize the weight of obligations. Learn to discern between tasks that align with your true essence and those that drown you in heaviness. Say 'no' when a choice feels like a boulder on your shoulders. Honoring you in what you choose so that your sunny path becomes lighter and lighter with every choices you make.

Finding Balance: Embracing Your Knowing and Growth

  • Navigate the Gray Areas: Life is not black and white. There are gray areas where choices might carry a mix of lightness and heaviness. Embrace these moments as possibilities for growth. Choices are not permanent. If you are not happy with the choice you made, you can change it or redirect your position adjusting to something lighter. We all make heavy choices from time to time, they are teaching us invaluable lessons.

  • Embracing YOU: Understand that perfection is a constant state of judgement. YOU and all your choices are the brushstrokes that create the masterpiece of your life. Embrace the journey, learn from the heavy moments, and let them be a lesson for your next choice.

In the dance of light and heavy choices, awareness becomes your guiding star.

Every choice made with consciousness, rooted in what is true for you, propels you toward a life that reflects the essence of who you are, you the Being. Embrace the adventure of discernment. Your path to consciousness is paved with the choices that feel light as feathers, leading you to a greater life and living.

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