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The Earth is summoning. Can you hear her call?

She does communicate with us... In many different ways. And you know what else?

Earth... what a beautiful planet! Filled with spectacular beauty. It never ceases to amaze me. Everywhere I go and every places I visit, in every corner of this wonder orb. The elements she is made of, most of which are essential to our very life. She nurtures, shelters, gifts and receives from us all. And what do we do with that gift?

Throughout her long and amazing existence, she's hosted many empires, kingdoms, nations, lifetimes and lifeforms. Over the course of time, she has remained a friendly, harmonious and abundant place to live. We often take the gifts that Mother Earth freely provides for granted. We play with and misuse the elements that threaten our very existence as a species. Why is that?

You remember that tool I talked about in the previous post... Who does this belong to?... Is it yours? Someone else? or Something else? Well, the other 1% of the time, it is Earth talking with you. It's Earth letting you know that she requires your contribution. I know right!!! Whaaaaat?!? Look, if I hadn't experienced it myself and was absolutely certain that this is true, I wouldn't even waste one minute to talk with you about this.

Earth... the planet we live on... She sometimes requires our help, so she calls upon us. How? When you experience uneasiness, you become light headed, nauseous and your ears start to ring all of a sudden, for no apparent reason. Why would that be?

It's different for everyone, it varies from person to person, but those are the most common signs...

You ask the question, Who does this belong to? and it's something else that comes up... it is Earth! She is calling. Calling for you to contribute your awareness, your energy. The first time I heard this I was like, yeah right!!!? But at the same time, I also felt like this was true. I could recall the specific moments when it occurred to me.. So I put it to test. I'm curious after all... I was determined to figure out what that communication was all about. I was hiking one day and felt dizzy. Who does this belong to?

Boom! My first conscious interaction with Mother Earth. I could sense her, coming to meet me at my feet. Pulling from the universe, through the Earth through my feet, through my body, out of my head and out to the universe again. A constant flow, from everywhere to everywhere in all directions. Woooooooooohhhhh!!!!! How cool is that?!? In that moment I could remember the times in the past where she had tried to communicate with me, but I was oblivious and unaware of her calling.

I apologized... She didn't have a point of view about it. I asked, What can I contribute?... And she answered... With the most spectacular sunset I had ever seen, with the birds singing in a way I have never heard before, with the breeze that was nurturing to my body like I have never felt before... And there I stood... Tears streaming down my cheeks. RECEIVING. The pulse she be in the universe is vibrating through me. The universe is chanting to this glorious moment along with Earth, the land, the trees, the plants, the animals, the insects, all the elements and Me... By being in awe with her beauty and really be in the moment, by being happy, I am contributing. By being grateful for this amazing experience, I am contributing. For being me, I am a contribution!!!!

Well, spank me crossed-eyed!!! I was sober but at the same time, it felt like a DMT tripping moment where you just realized that you are one with everything. Communion... My body is a beacon receiving and gifting from this planet we live on, out to broadcast to the universe. TAAAADDDAAAAAaaaaa!!! Yepppp! It's happening! My happy tiny ass is beaming out to reach all of you! Communion... I am high on life!!!

Never would I have thought that I could be a contribution, being this small on such a giant planet, in a world filled with billions, in the vast, infinite universe. Yet there I am... sensing, vibrating and resonating with it all. This very moment changed me. Along with all the other moments that I now acknowledge. I could not go back to ignoring her.

Life... To me, it's the pursuit of happiness. It truly is. I'm not the first one to know this. Many before me have realized it, spoke about it and still do. What if finding your happy is the purpose of living here, on this planet? What if being happy is the ultimate contribution to your life and living and everything and everyone around you? What if you, being you is the gift and contribution this world requires? (I repeated this last one from, he is the one who introduced me to this idea.)

I host mediations with Earth. It's an amazing way to get in touch with our planet. Contribute to her and receive from this beautiful green and blue orb we live on. I guide you through a deep dive of communion with the elements and you get to receive a body process that creates more ease in your life with your body.

What contribution could this be to you, and your body?

Earth is there to remind you of your pursuit of happiness... Can you hear her call?

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