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Did you know that, you are like a satellite receiver?

You, are far more aware than you know. Similar to a satellite dish, you constantly receive information about the world around you. This sometimes can feel overwhelming... Here are a few things that I try to keep in my mind whenever I start to get fuzzy in my head and achy/painful in my body: First, Who does this belong to? Second... Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys. Return it back to sender...

If I was to tell you that 98% of all your feelings, thoughts, emotions, aches and pains don't even belong to you, what would you say? Let's put it to test...

Have you ever thought of someone and a minute later, they call you?

Have you ever experienced a sudden pain in your neck that seemed to come out of nowhere? One minute you feel great, doing your thing, the next, Bam! You feel as if someone punched you in the neck...

Have you ever been in a room where someone walks in and you could feel their anger even though they kept a straight face? Displaying no visible emotion, yet you sense it...

Even better, when you give a hug to someone and all of a sudden, you are overwhelmed with sadness? That, right there, is your awareness...

We pick up so many things from the world around us. Almost none of it is ours. We've come to believe that it's ours because we can perceive it so well. It aches in our body, it brings tears to our eyes, it must be ours? Right?... Nope... You perceive and receive information from other bodies, from people around you. You acknowledge the information which translates in your body as pain, diseases, emotions and vibrations. And so you have a choice. You can either keep it and ache with them or you can ask a question. Who does this belong to? Is it mine, someone else, or something else?

Listen to your body, to your inner voice, your awareness. It will let you know. 98% of the time, it's going to be someone else.

What do you do then? You return it back to sender with consciousness attached. Pouf! Like magic, it's gone. It was not yours from the start, therefore, it is not yours to keep. Your body was telling you: Hey, that person is under a lot of stress, or that person just had an accident, or that person is thinking about you. Thank your body for the information. (Sweet body! Aren't they amazing?)

When that tiny 1% of the time that it is yours, ask: Body, what do you require? Give your body whatever it needs at this very moment. Some exercise, a nap, a bath, water, salt, sugar, quietness, vitamins, whatever makes your body feel most at ease, that's what you should do. Sometimes your body is giving you a warning. Don't drink that, don't go for that extra mile, don't trust this person. Your body knows, your body has awareness. You know... He or She is talking with you.

When you become attuned with your body and awareness, everything in your life becomes a navigation map to greater ease.

And then there is that other 1%... I'll have to tell you later. For now, practice the Who does this belong to? tool. See what you become more aware of. Your awareness will sharpen and you might thank me later for that... or not...

For more information on the tools I use and give example of in my blog, go to They have free information, telecalls, books and classes all over the world.

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